riverdale & hibernation

I have a paper due in about 9 hours, I haven’t started reading the assignment guidelines, but turned on my Netflix over breakfast (at 1PM) and decided to continue watching the Riverdale episode I started last night before passing out from a mix of cold and stress. Bad decisions, est. 1994.

It’s 4 hours later and I finished the first 4 episodes of season 1 and now I’m fidgety because the next one only comes out next week. Why Netflix, why.


  1. Who killed Jason?
  2. Is Betty actually Polly? Versa vice?
  3. Are Archie and Cheryl related? (pls why do I think I am CSI and qualified to make such assumptions because they both have red hair?)

Poor academic decorum guilt aside, I am so glad I found this show — it found me, rather, but let’s write in the active voice and pretend we have a minimal say in the life paths we find ourselves into.

It ticks all the modern-day aesthetics boxes, from thematics to cinematography.

Thank you Riverdale creators for capturing my attention for 40 x 4 minutes uninterrupted (ish, my phone was still on vibrate and I take my Snapchats very seriously), with your neon colours and beautiful Insta-worthy shots of small-town-USA scenery.

Thank you for your polarized time-bombesque characterization of this grandiose bunch of teenagers, so relatable and transposable somehow to the mundane (=over-sensationalized) lives of present-day millennials.

Thank you for introducing the thrilling fusion genre of murder-mystery-meets-high-school-musical to my Continue Watching, and thank you in advance for all the money you will save me in the next few weeks as I sit myself on the couch staring down my pre-paid (thanks mom) Netflix menu opps, rather than on a bar stool near a tip jar somewhere too dark and too crowded.

I’m excited, for next week, and the next few weeks after that, and it’s mid-February, so that’s a pretty spectacular feat in itself.

That said, a small part of my psyche is already bracing the rest of me for post-season-finale depression, but hopefully, that will coincide with Spring, so no hard losses.


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