Do you like to read about people’s lives? I do. I’ve done it for so long without giving back, so here’s my redemption. Long-time blog wanderer, newbie blog-writer. That’s my short bio as it stands in 2017.


I’m 23 & currently living in Montreal, a magical place where seasons and colour palettes change with a single flick of the maplewood wand.

I read, I write, I love pictures & most cool things. I draw sometimes, and my pass-times include yoga and trying to keep flowers alive. I resent stereotypes but fit into most of them, a phenomenon I legitimize as the millennial struggle, but most people just call it basic.

Welcome to my blog (diary), the closest thing to my heart I will ever put out on the internet (I think). Feel free to message me if you like it, if you hate it, if you’re indifferent or just want to be friends… if you’re looking for a pen-pal without stationary? This is after all, the 21st century, so save the trees & go paper-free.